Commercial Photography 2

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment as photographers.

Program Overview

Students in this program will concentrate on the advanced operations of a digital DSLR, explore in-depth studio lighting for portraits and objects and advanced post capture editing with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC.  This program will focus on a business skill plan for beginning a personal photographic business including a personal website and business social media platform.  Upon completion of Commercial Technology 2 students will be certified with the ACA (Adobe Certified Associate).

Employment Opportunities

  • Photographer
  • Image Editor
  • Custom Image Printer
  • Custom Framer

What You'll Learn

  • Operate various format cameras.
  • Take studio photographs.
  • Use digital imaging.
  • Produce media presentations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship

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Program Requirements

Commercial Photography 2 · K610100/K610200 · 950 Hours

OCPCourse NumberCourse TitleCourse LengthSOC Code
APGY0183Portrait Photographer 125027-4021
APGY0184Portrait Photographer 225027-4021
BPGY0185Commercial Photographer40027-4021

Program Costs

$2,774.00Florida Resident Tuition ($2.92 x 950 hours)
$131.36Bookstore Costs
$150.00Registration Fee ($75.00 per semester x 2)
$30.00Facility Usage Fee ($15.00 per semester x 2)
$500.00Lab Fee ($250.00 per semester x 2)
Total Costs $3,585.36

Employers of Graduates

Program Instructors

Becki Rutta
Becki Rutta
Photography Instructor

Phone: 850-487-7439

Email: [email protected]

Occupational Advisory Committee

Amanda Thompson
Council on Cultural & Arts, Committee Chair

Email: [email protected]

Wayne Denmark
Denmark’s Photography at Studio 715

Email: [email protected]

Kira Derryberry
Kira Derryberry Photography
John Mann
FSU Associate Photography Professor

Email: [email protected]

Preston McClane
Attorney, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Email: [email protected]